To reduce the cost of health care.

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Minnesota Employers & Employees
Demanding Affordable Healthcare - MEEDAH

Working together to convince legislators to do the right thing for working people.

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About Us

About Us


Like  you, we are working people who are willing to help to reduce the cost of health care in Minnesota. We need legislators to be accountable, to pass laws that will reduce health care cost.

About You


You go to work, collect your paycheck, hope to pay your bills and then have a few dollars left over. But your health care has gotten too expensive and you need this high cost to be fixed. 

Us Together


Let's learn together why health care costs so much, and then work together to show legislators how to fix it. This is key to finding how to access quality, affordable health care.

Health Care 2020: Connecting the Dots

Part 1: The 87% hidden health care tax


Medicare and Medicaid, government health plans, cover nearly 130 million people. Because they pay so little, you pay so much. Read about the hidden 87% health care tax here.

Part 2: What else needs to be fixed and disclosed?


There are specific actions that the legislature could take right now. Here are four of them. But legislators need to hear from you.

Part 3: New way to pay


You already know that your health insurance costs too much. Something must be done to reduce the cost, but maintain or increase the coverage. Read about the new way to pay here.

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