Part 1: The hidden health care tax


No one wants to talk about the average 87% tax you pay to fund the Minnesota health care system. If you have private health insurance, you pay this tax every time you see a medical professional or use a hospital. Minnesota officials found that if you have private health insurance you pay on average 187% more for health care than someone else who is on Medicare. Read about it.

Part 2: More fixes and disclosures


There are other extremely expensive problems hidden in our current health care system that drive up health care prices, and no one wants to talk about them. We will. Hospitals causing illness, padded hospital bills, total price transparency, protecting against price gouging. See the rest here.

Part 3: New way to price your medical care


Does this sound like the kind of health insurance you’d like to own?

· Provider networks are eliminated. 

Choose any medical professional.

· Your insurance premiums are lower, so you have more money for other needs.

· Annual premium increases are minimal.

· You know the price of care before receiving it. 

There is good news here. Read on.